Reflection Academic Support 

In academic support I have improved a lot since the beginning of the year. In academic support my goals is to achieve better grades and do all of my homework. Also keep the good work in science because I have gotten good grades and have not missed anything!
Keeping up my learning habits is a big part of being a good student. I feel best about all of my learning habits because I have gotten all constantly in all of my classes. I consistently work hard in academic support by doing harder math problems and doing homework. I want to be an amazing student, because it feels good to learn and do the best I can. 
I am most proud of my learning habits and my ability to learn harder things in math that are in in 7 and 8 grade. I am also doing more extension problems. I’m also proud of my reading because I have improved I know it shows that I am willing to do difficult work when I put my mind to it.
I would like to work on getting all of my work on time and reading and writing more. I will accomplish my goal by setting a time to when I need to read and when I need to write. Also I will spend more time time on my homework and less time on my phone. 
All in all, I feel pretty good about how I’m doing in academic support. I use my time well, work hard, and I get work done. I could improve on turning in work on time, but I am making progress there too. I am proud of my math work but I need to work on my reading. If I keep up the work than I will be ready for 7 grade!

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