Parent Letter

Dear Mama and Tata,

In this letter I will be talking about my learning habits and how I am doing in general with academic support. Academic support is the class where I get time to do my school work. We also learn about vocabulary that helps me read better. I also meet with Mr. Creighton about my reading and writing progress.

I use Google Classroom and Google Calendar to helps me keep track of homework and assessments like tests and papers. This is working for me but sometimes it might not work because some teachers don’t use Google Calendar so I have to rely on Google Classroom. Which is fine but you never know. My goal is to not miss any homework, assignment, or papers for the rest of the semester.

I think reading independently is very important because I learn good books and find good series. It is also important because I get to learn new words and how to spell words too. I have read 8 books in the in this semester so far. I don’t really have a goal to read a lot of books this year. I want to focus on my writing this semester. I will still read don’t get me wrong I love to read but I had a really good story idea.

My strongest learning habit is being collaboration because I help kids in class and I am nice to most students. Also I defend my friends when they need help. Well I don’t have a learning habit than I am not pertieraly not good at. Most of them are consistently and I think one of them is usually. For the rest of the semester I want to get all of my learning habits all consistently.



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